sauce americaine

My friends had a Christmas party last week and I helped them preparing make-your-own sushi and hot pot for 50 people. We went to Billingsgate fish market in the early morning. The market wasn't as big as the one I know: Tsukiji (the fish market in Tokyo). But it made our shopping easy. I enjoyed it so much! The fishes are so fresh and much cheaper than my fish shop. I love to go back again.
Anyway the party was fun and I love people going "yum!". It was very chaotic though. As a reward I got heads of king prawns and made this sauce: (kind of?) sauce americaine. I didn't know it had such a name; my family used to call this 'soup of prawn heads'.
You can make this sauce only when you have so many prawn heads and actually this is the first time I made this in more than 15 years. It tasted really good with full of flavour!

私は手巻き寿司と鍋3種を作るお手伝いをして、朝早く魚市場についていきました。ロンドンのCanary WharfにBillingsgate marketという市場があって、新鮮な魚や貝などを少し安く手に入れることができました。
私は天ぷらにしたKing prawnの頭と殻を家に持って帰り、昨日アメリケーヌソースでパスタを食べました。母の手伝いをしていた小さな時は、このソースを作るのは嫌いな作業のひとつだったのですが(気持ち悪いのと、疲れるので。)大人になって、難なくこなしている自分は何が変わったのだろうと思いました。しかし、ソースはおいしかったです。

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