more fund-raising continues

I threw bowls for the first time in 3 years!

Another great news!
CavalieroFinn whom I have been working with for the last 7 years or so is also supporting the project to raise money for the victims of the disasters in Japan.
They will have my chopstick rests (these are purely for fund-raising purpose) along with a lovely selection of art/craft work in their Open House over the weekend of 7-8 May. Please check their website here and the coverage about the event and their practice in the Independent the other day here.

The apples in the picture is Pippin I got from farmer's market the other day.
One of the interesting things about speaking two languages (although I'm not well in both...) is that you find very similar expressions in them. For example 'bears fruit' can be taken literally and also mean 'to yield result'. It's the same in Japanese. This is something Steven Pinker is good at explaining and a simple metaphor like this is quite similar in a lot of languages I guess.

CavalieroFinnという長く一緒にお仕事をさせてもらっているキュレーターさん方から、Open Houseで募金活動をしたいという申し出を頂きました。


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