Today I went to Tajimi city in Gifu to visit a gallery/shop/cafe 'galerie momogusa' in the middle of mountains. It is a beautiful place by a potter Masanobu Ando and his wife. They moved an 100-year-old house from another city to this beautiful place and transformed it into a gallery. Their work is beautiful but also the house and the trees in the garden are stunning. There is so much care in the details and I felt as if I came to a tea house.
There was a pot waiting for us at the door made by a potter Koichi Uchida. He is our local potter who's gone international. His exhibition of 'Made in Japan' will come to Paris and somewhere in Germany. (It's not an exhibition of his pots but that of his collection of things that is inspiring him.) Please check it out.

We have less houses made of wood because of the way we developed earthquake engineering. This kind of house needs a lot of daily care and maintenance but has a soft feel you don't get from concrete houses. The shift of material from wood to concrete caused some problems. We have a lot of cedar mountains that woodcutters no longer come in, which gives us hay fever. We import cheaper wood, some of these can be cut illegally and leaves environmental and economic problems to South East Asia and South America. We have less craftsman who has know-how...
We're trying to use our forest as a part of recovery from the damage by the earthquake, which I think is great. I hope they rebuild beautiful towns...!



  1. すだれや障子、畳や縁側、日本のおもむきを見るとやっぱり気持ちが穏やかになるような気がします。素敵なスペースですね。がらくた好きなわたしにはとても手入れの出来ない夢のようなスペースですが(笑)見ているだけで笑顔が浮かびます。

  2. あはは。こっちに来て思ったんだけれども、イギリスは日本よりホコリがたまりやすい気がする。結構頻繁に掃除が必要だもの。もちろん、住んでいる場所にもよりけりなのかもしれないけれども、湿気とかが関係しているのかしら、、、などと思ったりしているところです。