london 2012

Now with the games every day it is so hard to leave the computer. I said I'm not keen in any sports particularly but actually have been watching the games everyday. What is worse, BBC iPlayer is so good and I can catch up with all the games with full coverage, which means I haven't been sleeping as much as I need!
Never mind, maybe it would be once in a lifetime experience to be living in the host city. It is great to start the mornings with cheerful news about the games rather than terrible news about something else.
I enjoyed the opening ceremony being different from any in the past and being filled with humane elements and humour, even though I didn't understand a few bits of it and what costed so much...
Being Japanese of course I support Japanese team but am also happy when GB team does great too. To represent my feelings I feel like I should make my own flag to support two countries...


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