sweet william

It makes me feel excited when I find things changed for the Olympics. In the city we have the Olympic Symbols on bus lanes, 'London 2012' flags, the union jack and 'team GB' products everywhere! Although I'm not a big fan of any sports, I will watch some at Live Sites definitely. I'll be happy to feel that the Games is happening at the same time in BST. 
The sports I enjoy watching is any kind of gymnastics, synchronised swimming, diving... sports that compete the beauty. When the athletes show such skilled movements beautifully and seemingly effortlessly (and in sync), it makes me Wow! 
What I'm most looking forward to watching this time is dressage. The sport is less popular than other sports in Japan (we never got medals?) and I'd hardly watched it broadcasted on telly. Now I'm here hoping the situation would be different. 
I hope it's gonna be lovely summer at least to enjoy these games! 10 days to go.

とりあえず、早く天気が良くなりますように!花はナデシコの類い、こちらではsweet williamと呼ばれています。

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