doyenné du comice

First I found this pear in my local farmer's market a month ago.
When I saw the label on the bag I was like "what!?!? comice??" In Japan this pear is (was, at least in my memory) very very rare and you could hardly find them in fruit parlours. It's something you would receive as a special gift or have as dessert in high-end French restaurants. 
In the market they were sold for £1.50 for 4,5 rather small comices, which is unbelievably inexpensive comparing to their value in Japan which ONE pear costing £8-15. I got a bag and took a good care of it until they were ready. 5 days later I had it finally! It was lovely. Very sweet and juicy, but the texture wasn't quite right. Still I was very happy to have them for such a good value.
Later on, I found ones imported from France at Leila's shop which had a more proper look and size. The flavour and texture was nicer these ones and they were still affordable.
So I kept trying having one with cheese, in salad or on its own. In the end I had more than 10 comices in the last month. What a luxury...! This must be one of the advantages of living here!

その後、Leila's shopでフランスから輸入された本場のコミスを見かけ、試さずにはいられませんでした。こちらは大きさもちゃんとあり、フランス人が好きそうなあの独特の香りも強く、おいしかったです。甘みだけがちょっと足りなかったかなーという感ありでしたが、それでも大満足でした。

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