wild plum

The other day we picked up some plums in our neighbourhood. There are a few kinds of the wild plum in a park and the fruits have started turning their colour already. In half an hour we each got about 3kg of plums, which is A LOT! With the ones that are not quite ripe I made Japanese plum wine with English twists. In the same way you make damson gin, we make plum wine using other kinds of plum and liquor. Actually the plum we use is more like apricot, it's got a thicker and hairy skin. We use it when it's green and hard. We prick it to make the exchange of flavour and liquid easier, and that is a children's task on a day in the rainy season, June. The liquor I chose this time was white rum just for its subtle flavour comparing to the others. I will let you know what it tastes like a few months later.
With medium-ripe plums I made chutney. It was a very time-consuming process, but I enjoyed it. Despite the fact the whole house smelled vinegar for a few days, it was worth trying even just to appreciate the ones in the markets. I gave some to my friends but still have a lot. It will last for a while even for me who is a big fan of chutney and chedder/stilton sandwiches!

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