new bowl! (to my personal collection)

Thank you so much to those who came to see me at Ceramics in the City. It was a great weekend for me, seeing a lovely audience who is knowledgeable and appreciates what we do and spending a weekend in the lovely venue.
Also I felt so honoured to be among the talented makers and had a good chance to speak with them. I learnt so much about their practice and ceramic terms.
I swapped work with a few of other exhibitors as a remembrance, and one of these was Hannah McAndrew who makes beautiful English slipware. Something about her work made me feel home, and I fell in love with a particular one that had a simpler slip decoration. 
The great thing about having a good pottery is to make you think what to cook and how to use it. Since I got this I've been thinking all sorts of dishes. Yesterday finally I spent some good amount of time in the kitchen cooking and enjoyed the dish. It's one of the happiest moments. Thank you, Hannah.

写真は料理が盛られていて器が良く見えないけれども、イギリスのスリップウェアをしているハナさんの作品。一目見た時からかわいいなーと思っていたものなので、家に持ち帰ってからは毎日眺めて、どうやって使おうかと考えていた。浅いココット皿のようなもので、今回は中鉢的に使ってみた。焼き菓子などにも使いたい感じ。彼女の作品は日本ではGallery St.Ivesで取り扱われているとのこと。イギリスのスリップウェアは日本の食卓にも取り込みやすいので、是非!

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