bitter melon

Today's dinner was goya champuru. Goya is Japanese for bitter melon (but I did't know what it's called here untill I looked up in wikipedia just now.) and champuru is kind of stir-fry. I bought one from Whitechapel market a few days ago. Whitechapel market is another kind of market where they sell clothes, electric appliances and groceries. Just because of the nature of the area they sell a lot of ingredients for Indian cuisine. I sometimes go down to get taro, mooli and pumpkins, and see a lot more vegetables that I don't know the name of (and I'm sure they call ones in their language too). The market is always busy and chaotic and I hear words I don't understand. It's another world I experience in London.

ともあれ、この間、Whitechapel marketというベンガル人系の人たちが多く住むエリアのマーケットに行き、ゴーヤを買いました。里芋やかぼちゃ(スーパーのかぼちゃは私たちのかぼちゃとはちょっと違うので、、、)、大根などが安めで買えられるのでたまに行きます。
Whitechapel marketはまた特別な雰囲気のマーケットで、飛び交う英語には微妙なアクセント、そしてわからない言葉、ロンドンにいながら異国を味わえるところです。

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