I made cookies last night.
For me ceramics and cookery is very similar (the big difference is if the material we use is toxic or edible!). Especially in making sweets I find so many similarities... the state of the material (powder), necessity of accurate measuring, cooking process (mixing and baking in the oven) and so on... For me cooking meals is like jazz session but making sweets and ceramics needs more caution: scientist attitude...
Anyway sometimes my passion of making ceramics can be replaced by making sweets. And sometimes I like it better as I can enjoy eating the end result as well.

I put Yuzu skin into the basic cookie recipe. Yuzu is citrus I don't find here. It's similar to lime but more aromatic. My friend sent me some Yuzu skin and it's been so precious to me. I occasionally put a little into miso soup but this time I was very generous in using it.

(By the way my computer sometimes talk about cookies as well. But I don't understand what it is...!)


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