london marathon

I went to see London marathon. The day started with rain and I was thinking it must be terrible for runners. But it stopped quickly and it turned out to be a fairy warm lovely day. My friend's boss took part in it and we went to Hyde Park to support her. Though, she ran much faster than the last year and we missed her goal...! She looked amazingly well and after 4 hour running!
I really don't like running even to catch a bus so I respect everybody who ran for such a long distance. I hope I have the guts to do it as it must be very memorable experience...

ロンドンマラソンを観に行きました。とはいってもゴールのHyde Parkに午後2時に陽子ちゃんと落ち合い、彼女のボスの3時あたりのゴールを予想して、ひとまず公園で喋っていました。そしたら、ボスは走り終えたというトレイナーからのメッセージ。すっかり見逃してしまいました。

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