bank holiday

This weekend was pretty busy with meeting friends. Bikram yoga I usually go was closed for 3-day renovation work. So I wasn't practising at all and was eating great food every time I met friends... so I assume you can guess what's happened to my body... The body is so honest...
However, I've got a good inspiration for cooking and am very excited to try out the idea very soon while the kitchen is for myself!

日本はゴールデンウィーク中だそうですが、こちらはMay day bank holidayでした。土曜日から月曜日までの三連休でした。ヨガスタジオが改装のため、まるまる三連休だったので、身体を動かすことはほとんどなく、また友人と会って外食が続いたので、身体は素直に栄養を蓄えることにしたようでした、、、。

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