old kitchen

I went to Keats House this weekend before meeting up with a friend in Hamstead Heath. (It was really lovely day like summer and SO many people were swimming in the pond.)
The house had the features of 18th century. This is the kitchen and it was on the basement, cold and dump. The kitchen was a hidden place servants work then.
And they seemed to iron using the heat of the stove. Apparently it was only once a month when they do washing then as washing linens without machine was a very hard work and took a whole day. (But before that it says the washing day was just once a year!!) I'm glad that I'm living now...!

この週末はハムステッドヒースでピクニック(日向ぼっこ?)をしに行きました。待ち合わせの前に詩人John KeatsとFanny Brawn一家がシェアしていたという家を見に行きました。

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