parcour saint german

It rained today in Paris.

After daily routine in the morning we went out to look around the installation in the cafes/boutiques around St German des Pres.
It was a great reason to go into these shops (which I wouldn't normally go) and I was happy to find work I like. It was by Carlos Aires.
The image in the picture consists of 3 elements. One is the actual object: a turning table, another one is a moving image on the back and the other one is the reflection of the image on a glass in front. And the guy looks as if he is walking on the turning table.
I felt like it is as if we make our own story. We try to make sense of the world in front of us from many elements not knowing what is real and what is not. But as far as it makes sense it appears as real. (Or we try to convince ourselves by making sense out of random happenings somehow.)

午前のヨガの後、St German des Presに行き、いろんなお店に設置された作品を見に行きました。殆どは理解しづらかったり、あまり好きでなかったりときめくものではありませんでした。けれどもCarlos Airesというスペインの作家さんの作品は結構好きでした。

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