une japonaise à paris

I came back in London. It was a refreshing holiday.
I studied French for 2 years in university in Japan but don't remember much now... So in Paris I just used a few basic expressions, smiles and "Parlez-vous Anglais?" and the life was smooth there...
But I'll note a misunderstanding I experienced. Once I ordered a cake and latte in a pattiserier. I should have realised that 'latte' is Italian and they call it 'cafe au lait'. Anyway I said "cafe latte, s'il vous plait" and the girl didn't hear me well. So I just said "boisson... latte" and the girl kindly brought and showed me 4 packages of different tea bags. I was thinking "OK! it's tea..." but didn't know how to correct the situation. Anyway I am tea person so I was happy to choose Earl Grey. (but without milk!)
Then I realised she maybe misheard me saying 'le the' (tea) not 'latte'. well...
Another thing to remember was (it wasn't really misunderstanding) that they tend to forget to pronounce 'h' in English too.

old match boxes... mignon!
the shop glass windows... super!
A garçon talking with a woman in the stand opposite to his work place.
I saw dogs and their poo everywhere...
They like keeping the dates when the pavement is done.

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