I have a lot to talk about 'apple'. I assume you have so many associations with the fruit too. I'm using apple computer and this time I'm going to show one way I eat apples: the cakes I made this year so far.
'Apple and olive cake'. This is alteration from Ottolenghi cook book p193. I said 'alteration' but I just forgot to put lemon zest in the mix. I put lemon zest and juice into icing instead. Also I realised shortage of muscovado when making icing I used icing sugar, which made icing really smooth. The recipe says to use maple syrup in it but it wouldn't be nice with lemon in this case... So it doesn't look or taste quite the same as the cake shown in the book but it still tasted alright...!
And 'tart tatin'. This is one of my favourites. I watched Jamie Oliver makes it in easy and casual way but for me the caramelised bit on the top is very important. So I tried it by myself. Making the cake is very easy comparing to other cakes but caramelising needs a knack. I'll try it again.

better not cut apples lengthways

こちらでの私のお気に入りはRoyal Galaですが、近くのFarmer's marketでは見たことのないりんごの種類が売られていたので、またそのうち試してみたいと思います。

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