I'm cutting down intake of sugar and carbohydrate after the cake festival.
Roasted vegetables: carrot, butternut squash, parsnip and leek with flavour of thyme or za'tar. The runner beans are sauteed with butter then added stock, cream, cummin, onion seeds and s&p.
Roasting is a cooking method I learnt since coming to this country. I'd never used oven to roast before that. My roasting experience is very little and I feel awkward especially with meats, so always only vegetables. But it's one of the things I'd like to feel confident about...
Not long ago I talked about cooking with friends over roast dinner. One of the topics was the difference between roasting, grilling and baking (as two of us were Japanese and we didn't have clear definition of these words as well.), and I suddenly wondered when we Japanese started using oven. The oven culture started with making bread and we didn't have the culture before opening of our country. We had grilling technique but didn't use oven nor similar thing I think. I hope somebody can tell me.


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