Tea... It is so common and everybody has one (and a lot more) everyday but is so special in some ways.
There are so many stories to tell about tea also in Japanese perspective and personally I grew up with tea. My grandfather used to sell tea. Although it wasn't his main occupation we had a big tea storage. When I did naughty thing my mom would put me into the storage shed. It was kind of traumatic experience as I really hated the darkness and spiders but at the same time I still remember the lovely smell of the place.
As I grew up my father would take me to tea ceremonies. There are SO many to follow how to behave and appreciate the whole thing and finally drink tea but I didn't mind them as far as I could have sweets!
Today when I made tea (with lots of stems) the stem float upright. (Do you see it in the picture?) We say this is a sign of good luck. I have been lucky but this makes me even happier...!


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