Yesterday we tried Jamie's recipe. Originally I found the recipe to get rid of a frozen whole chicken my friend had for a while. Its Chinese package said 'Old chicken' already and it aged in the freezer on top of it.
Anyway we defreezed it. On the next day as I tried to prepare it I found its head...! I couldn't do anything with it. My friend cut it off but it's not the same to do it with a Chinese sharp knife that chop it with one stroke. He struggled with it a bit. Later we also found it's got legs folded in the belly but decided not to do anything with them then. I was so chicken. We seasoned it from far away and baked it but the result didn't have much meat after all this effort...
It was a quite horrific experience we might be laughing about for years. Anyway we still wanted to try the recipe so used normal chicken thighs from a normal supermarket. The chicken tasted really nice in spite of easy cooking and seasoning. Definitely this is going to be on my recipe book.

この間、友人の冷凍庫に入っていた鶏肉(一羽まるごと)を処分しようと思って、Jamie Oliverのレシピを見つけました。解凍して、次の日下ごしらえをしようと思って袋を開けてみると頭がついていました!とりあえず頭は切ってもらったのですが、普通の包丁は中華包丁とは訳が違います。結構苦労していました。その後、足もついていることを見つけたのですが、とりあえず、焼いてから切り落とすことに決め、遠目から適当に簡単な下味だけつけてオーブンに入れました。

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