The other day I had curry with puri. Puri is like a puffy bread made from dough rolled out thinly and fried in oil. My friend's aunt was visiting him and made us this. (Well... I happened to be there... Lucky!!) I learnt how to make puri and the yoghurt to go with it. I will try making Indian dish sometime!
Puri reminds me of crisps I had when I was small. My father was so against junk food and my mum always made us hand-made snacks. One of them was crisps but puffy. You slice potatoes a bit thicker than crisps (maybe about 1-2 mm?) and fries it in mid-temp oil. You take it out of oil once and let it cool down. Then you put it into the oil again and it starts to puff up in the second dip. I enjoyed the making process itself more than eating it.


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