My hometown is named Kawagoe and is a small town. My family doesn't live in the town anymore but I went to see it what is still the same and what has changed. Some houses rebuilt and some rice fields disappeared, a bridge over the river repainted and a motorway is running above the town. These shots are a few of that hasn't changed.

Beautiful brooks running through the town. The carps were still there. I asked an old neighbour if he still sees fireflies there. He said he's hoping this year but they are definitely declining in the number.

A few days after the visit to my old town, now I'm in Tokyo and visited Kawagoe which is a city near Tokyo, which has the same name with my hometown. The city is known as Koedo and has some historical buildings.

I visited a ceramic shop in the city. They converted a lovely house of 80 years old to a tasteful shop and had a beautiful display of tablewares by a potter Naoki Kawabuchi who has been making tablewares for daily use. I wish I could get one of his bowls... well, I should get better in making one!!



  1. 川越に行かれたんですねえ。地元です。小さな頃からよく遊びに行った思い出の多い場所です。私の兄と弟の両家族も川越に住んでいるんですよ。(ちなみに私の実家はすぐ隣のふじみ野です。)瑞代さんのご実家も同じ名前なんですねえ。どちらですか?日本楽しんでくださいねえ。xm

  2. あら、地元なんですね。おいしいパン屋さんを見つけ、幸せでした。私の川越は三重です。日本は楽しんでますよーん。何でもおいしい!:D