I visited Matsumoto, a city in Nagano for the first time to see a craft fair. Apparently this is its 27th year and it has been attracting many visitors. The fair is held in a park and the exhibitors are given (or brought) a tent to show their work underneath. It carries out even in the rain and this year the second day was pouring as typhoon was approaching. The exhibitors had to limit the display space to avoid the rain. Luckily I was there on the first day and found some nice things and took pictures of them.

Vases by a glass maker Takara Kinoshita. I really loved her small ephemeral pots. They looked similar to pots I used to draw when I was small. It would look very cute with small wild flowers.

Plates by a ceramicist Mitsuko Kumamoto. Lovely drawings.

Plates by a ceramicist Miho Hirano. Her pots are full of joy and love. I really loved her free-hand drawings.


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  1. 熊本さんの茶碗蒸しの器、可愛らしい。5月で台風ですか?お気をつけて。xま