back in London looking back...

I came back in London yesterday.
I felt really relieved to be away from the heat and humidity in Japan, (It was 35℃ when I left there!) but I was missing all those nice things already...

Yuka terraces sticking out on the river is the scene of Kyoto in summer.

When I wasn't updating the blog, I was travelling in Osaka and Kyoto for a week. Kyoto has a lot of histories and beauties compacted in a small area, which is so hard to find anywhere else. It is the city I always go back when being in Japan as it has a lot of histories and ceramic shops for me too.
Funny enough when I was living in Kyoto I didn't see much of these precious historical things, but I appreciate them a lot now. This time I did get to see the place I'd been wanting to go for a long time: Katsura imperial village.

This is a view from one of the four tea houses in the village. These houses were designed to see the moon and you can guess how much they enjoyed the beautiful views from these houses.

They use precious materials but not obvious way. That is 'cool' in Japan always.
Although it's not only the gold leaf that is precious in this case but also the velvet that is making check pattern on the wall under the window.

The gold has been a symbol of power and wealth in a lot of cultures. And we also have golden temples and had a golden tea house made by powerful people of the time. However, they are very rare examples of having it so front.

I still have some pictures taken in Japan. I will show them when possible.




  1. ほとんど同じ写真を撮りました :)

  2. ほんとう!四条大橋からね!;D
    but your pictures are much better!!