indian summer

A big THANK YOU to everybody who came to see my new work at Origin!
The show was busy most of the time even on weekdays. It was a long week but I enjoyed the whole experience: meeting craft lovers, makers and making the stand as I like. It is quite surprising to know quite a lot of people come from Germany and Scandinavian countries just to see this show! I was very happy to be part of it.

Now I'm back in the studio working as usual. The good weather is such a bonus for me. I now have mixed feelings: I'm happy being able to work quickly but I'm bit disappointed that I have to miss much of this sunshine. Well... I still get some lovely sunshine in my studio! I wonder what I will be making in another year??

My Flora/Butterfly bowls have been available in Bucharest, Romania since the last Friday!


金曜日はまたご近所さんたちと陽子ちゃんとピクニック。London fieldsは同じように日光浴する人ばかり。もう夏は終わったと思っていたので、思わぬボーナスに喜んでいる人で溢れていました。しかし、その夜中にはその公園内で発砲事件。Hackneyはまだまだ怖いですね。

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