spoon rest

Today I made some spoon rests. In the show I had a few items to rest things: chopstick rest, cutlery rest and this spoon rest. This was one of the popular items during the show and was sold out on 4th day. These are for keen customers who placed an order during the show. I hope they come out of the firings without crack!

And chopstick rests were originally made to donate to tsunami relief (the post about this) and part of their sales during the show has also used for the same purpose. I bought a stove for domestic use through amazon. Amazon is using 'wish list' service for those people who are listing necessities and I found it more direct and efficient than donating to red cross which was taking a long time for distribution. Hopefully your purchase is helping one family to feel warm during the harsh winter in Tohoku. Thank you so much!


このピンクの屋根のスプーン置きはChris Keenanという陶芸家のもとに行きました。同じくショーをしていた作家さんなのですが、私なんぞではとても声をかけずらい大先輩であり(ご本人はとても気さくな方なのですが)、とてもきれいなものを作る作家さんなのです。ショーの間にふらふらっとスタンドにやってきて、いろいろ激励してくださって、作品の交換を申し出てくれました。嬉しかったことの二つ目です。交換に頂いたボウルは、そのうち写真に出てくると思います。


  1. Hello

    It was lovely see your beautiful work at Origin, I hope it went well! I’ve written a post on my Origin highlights this year http://christinas-anatomy.blogspot.com/ Please take a look and if you like it, follow my blog and share the link? I apologise for including your work on the post- there were so many fantastic makers.

    I am also a maker and if you fancy you can see my work here http://www.ideastap.com/people/caca110b-0aae-44aa-8e7d-9f4f0019c99d/portfolio/b55611b0-4673-43e2-b0f9-9f4f001bbe39/?tracker=caca110b-0aae-44aa-8e7d-9f4f0019c99d:-1:1272680400

    Please keep me updated on any new work/shows you have.

    Many thanks

    Christina Lai

  2. thank you, it was a great show for me. i'm glad you enjoyed it too!
    i will check your blog, thanks!! mx