making of tree house -3

My Monday started early at 8 am just because I wanted to finish early today. 
I wonder if you can see the mess inside the house. This mess is inevitable when I make holes and work only from one side. 
The last work before bisque firing is to clean this mess as much as I can. I do proper cleaning-up after a bisque firing but the reason I do a bit now is just because I want to save some clay when I can. Clay can go back to wet and plastic state and can be used to make something else before a firing, but once it's fired it cannot be used in the same way. 
In Japan we have a company that grind fired clay and broken ceramics to fine powder and reuse it in new ceramic product. It is a great solution for green society. It would be nice if we had one here too as we don't need to feel guilty of throwing faulty pieces away...

The houses will have to wait on the shelf until I make many pieces to fill the kiln... The handling time on one piece so far is about 2 hours. 
The 'making of tree house' continues in 2-3 weeks hopefully!

先週の家作りの続きです。粘土の状態によってできる仕事が違い、それぞれのステージを丁寧にこなしていくことが、きれいな仕上げのコツです。私の作るものはまだそれほど手は込んでいませんが、それでも、いろいろすることがあります。今日は素焼きまでの仕上げをしました。ここまで一つのtree houseを作るのにかかった時間は2時間でした。この続きは2、3週間後、素焼きが終わった頃にまた始まります。


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