Today I had Burikama: the shoulder (or under the chin, I don't know what to call that part...) of yellowtail. 
Yellowtail is very popular in Japan and my mum would cook it often in winter. Especially this bit has more fat and melts in the mouth!! Yum!
We Japanese love fish. We have two currents from the north (Oyashiro) and the south (Kuroshio) meeting in front of our island and luckily we can get a wide variety of fishes from both currents. 
We enjoy the variety by the season and now Sanma should be in the season there and I miss it a lot! Although, a big fishing spot of sanma is near Tohoku and people in Japan might be scared of eating it after the nuclear plant accident... I hope the day we can eat anything without checking of contamination comes soon...


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