museum of everything #4

I managed to make it to its 4th exhibition at Selfridges yesterday. 
The space was filled with paintings and objects that you can feel their pain and compulsiveness. Another space that I saw this kind was a gallery of Art Brut in Austria. The place was very white like a hospital but was much spacious and had a lot of sunshine, so I could still escape from their intensity. By contrast this space in Selfridges kind of cluttered me.
Basically I don't know how to appreciate this kind of work. Should I enjoy it, analyse it or try to think of the context behind it? I feel like all these attitudes are wrong, so I just see it and feel its intensity. But still, I found something I liked...: the drawings by Sabine Müch. 

昨日はmuseum of everythingというエキシビジョンを見に自転車を走らせました。
そんな絵画(と呼んでいいのかしら?)、オブジェたちの中からホッとさせてくれたものがSabine Müchのドローイングでした。

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