christmas shows

I would like to let you know my forthcoming (and ongoing) shows.

Shop Floor Project in Ulverston, Cumbria. They are having my treehouses, birdies and house containers in the display until Christmas.

Cavaliero Finn in London. They will have my Flora/Butterfly series and treehouses in their Christmas Open House over the weekend of 19, 20th. They always have a lovely selection of ceramics, paintings, furniture etc in their home-cum-gallery. Please don't miss it if you're in London.

And our Open Studio. We're open on the weekend of 26th, 27th November and 3rd, 4th December, from noon to 6pm. We're planning workshop on 4th Sunday as a part of Regent Studios event. I will let you know here as soon as we know the details. We'll be making mulled wine as usual!

こちらではこの季節になると、mulled wineを作るというワインのまた違った飲み方があります。赤ワインにスパイスやオレンジを入れて温めて飲むのです。ブランデーを入れたり、ジュースを入れたり、スパイスの調合を変えたりしていろんな味を楽しむ事もできます。私も毎年オープンスタジオのたびに作るのですが、味見と言いながら、ちょこちょこ飲むのが好きなのです。

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