It got really really cold today in London. My spot in the shared studio is far far away from the heater. So I don't use it as I won't get the warmth from it anyway. Instead I wrap myself very heavily with heattech from Uniqlo. Thanks to that I managed to make 4 treehouses as usual and some tiles (new work!).
Today's dinner was tsumire soup. I drop by a fishmonger on the way home and found some fresh sardines. Then the menu was decided!
We pound fish with a knife until it becomes mince and put some gingers and spring onions (and a bit of miso and some citrus skin too!) into it. This ball is what we call tsumire and we cook it in seaweed stock with some vegetables. 
In winter we have a very easy dish called nabe and have some variety of it. Nabe actually means a pot and is something we normally share with some people. We cook it in a pot and eat out of a pot. It sounds barbarian but we have a lovely ceramic pot that can go out on a table. In Japan sharing the nabe means you're acknowledged as a friend. So please don't get offended by it!


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