lasagna-ish potato bake and more...

This is my original potato bake. It's more like lasagna but I used potato and beetroot instead of pasta sheet.
Make bechamel sauce with garlic, onion and a stalk of celery and meat sauce with beef, onion, tomato puree and lots of mushroom (and garlic and sugar).
While making the sauces you warm up the oven with sliced potatoes in a dish and beetroot in another dish inside. The bigger a beetroot is, the thinner you slice it. Cook them in the oven covered with foil at 200℃ until the sauces are ready on the cooker (for 40 mins?) 
When the sauces are done, you make the layers of potatoes, meet sauce, beetroot and bechamel sauce. I like to sprinkle bread crumbles on top of cheese for crunch-ness.



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