seasonal greetings

Lovely Christmas presents made by Margot (2 years old) for her family with a lot of help from her mum. I really love little ones' abstract painting. I think it was a little hard for her to see how they will look like after firing as the colours are mixed with clay and don't show much. But she was really enjoying the painting bit smartly performing all the tasks. She made me laugh when she refused to use a certain colour just because there wasn't much in the container (but enough to draw some lines!)... This was my final project for this year. 
The year 2011 is going really quickly. I had lots of feelings with all the happenings in Japan and personally but am not sure if I've grown from these. I really hope the new year will be a really peaceful one for everybody.



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  2. ミズヨちゃん、今年一年お疲れ様でした(^_^) 来年も心身共に平和で充実した日々でありますように。。。いろんな縁が繋がるといいね。場所は離れているけれど、来年も宜しく!!!私もいろんな事にレベルアップだ〜!

  3. お互いにお疲れさまでした!ほんとにほんとに良い年になるようがんばろうね。mamiちゃんのようなinspireしてくれる人と出会えるといいな。私も後を追ってレベルアップがんばりますっ!よいお年をー!mxxx