christmas in london

I've been spending this Christmas holiday in London. I would usually go back home for the New Year and attend 'bonenkai' which literally means 'forgetting a year party'. I'm missing it a lot as it is the only chance to catch up with my old friends but I'm also happy to be here to experience this time of the year in London.
For me this is the first time to have a rather English Christmas dinner with chestnut & fig stuffing. Before this main dish we had prawn pasta, then salad (tabbouleh) afterwards. We prepared three dessert but sorbet was not ready by the time we finished the third dish so we had a roll cake with a secret syrup to start with and finished off with cheese cake later at night. 
It was a perfect dinner although we didn't plan much what we're going to cook. And it is always fun to try out the others' recipes!
Hope you also had a yummy Christmas meals...! I know it's about time to loose some weight...

こちらではクリスマスはしっかりとした休日です。この辺りになるとクリスマスホリデーとして年明けまで長期休暇を取るのも普通のようですが、25日の当日と26日はboxing dayとして、クリスマスも働いてくれた人たちをねぎらうための休日があります。

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