changes in the new year -2

As you might know already I like trying out new recipes. I referred to Ottolenghi cookbook in 2009, 2010 and Nigel Slater tender and Jamie magazines in 2011. And this year I will try out some recipes from Modern Pantry cookbook. It is always nice to find out the combinations I've never tasted...!
Also I've got an old book from my friend: The something special cookbook published in USA 1959. It in fun to find out what were special menus those days. I just skimmed through some pages and have to say they are not so special nowadays using basic ingredients and rather simple cooking methods some inspired by Italian and French. It is weird that all the menu has articles of 'to freeze in advance', 'to do the day before' and 'to do in the morning' after how to serve the menu. Maybe they still didn't know much what they can freeze or not as the fridge was still relatively new thing(?), and maybe they were busy working outside to improve 'home' so they had to prepare special menus when they have time(?). It is an interesting book not as a cookbook but something I can glance a way of life in those days.

今年はModern Pantry cookbookを試してみようと思っています。Modern Pantryはオセアニアからやってきたシェフを頭にするロンドンのレストランです。そういうバックグラウンドなので、メニューにはアジアの影響も強くて、焼きナスやお米クラッカーなども本にはあるのですが、私たちが作るオーソドックスなものとはちょっと違うので、試してみるのが楽しみです。


  1. In the fifties, it seems like the housewives were always drinking cocktails or popping diet pills (in the movies). Maybe they need to be reminded. "-)

    Return to the now, and I am only speaking for myself. One thing about trying recipe is that the finished product never looks like the beautiful picture in the book or magazine. But it's always fun and rewarding to cook new recipes.

  2. hmm maybe. they also say there was a lot of invention in instant food, so that would be their 'normal' food and 'special' food which was classic even then would be in this book... ;P

    haha i remember your food. i think you just serve too much!