fish pie

This is such a familiar dish for you but it is the first time for me to cook...
Yesterday we went to a pub to have dinner and my friend had it and I realised I had never cooked it. And today I went to Sainsbury's just to get some water and found fish discounted, so I decided to give it a go.
I got some idea from 'Jamie's Great Britain' and made my own with what I had in  the fridge. Hmm... yum! 

Finally this week I went to the exhibition 'The tomb of unknown craftsman' by Grayson Perry in the British Museum. It was a great exhibition with thorough research, imagination, humour and skill. It made me feel like exploring the rest of the museum again. The exhibition is extended a week more. If you haven't, please go and check it.

今日はスーパーでお魚が安くなっているのを見つけ、fish pieを作る事にしました。昨日、パブで陽子ちゃんが食べていて、スープがどうあるべきなのか知らないことに気づき、いつか自分で作ってみようとは思ったのですが、こんなに早く作ることになるとは思いませんでした。

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