summer holiday 2012

I went out of London to the beautiful New Forest for my summer holiday. Three of us arrived at Brockenhurst and walked towards Burley which is in south-eastern part of the National park. We took old rail track which is now cycle path on the way and then footpath to the village.
When we were planning on the computer, the journey seemed OK. The distance between the two villages was about 8 km, 2 hour walk... Actually we walked more than 10 km, with everything on our backs, for about 5 hours with a few stops on the way. But it was really lovely walk.
And meeting wild horses is always refreshing. Every time we saw horses we couldn't help taking pictures... a gang of horses, pregnant ponies, a family of ponies, white horses, horses in the towns, ponies causing a traffic jam etc etc...
 So the trail looks like this. bikers, dogs, deers, trained horses, wild horses and ponies with deer and rabbit's droppings (not in the picture but everywhere!)

夏休み旅行に出かけました。まずはNew Forest。ロンドンから電車で1時間半程のところにある国立公園で、野生の馬があらゆるところにいる場所です。
まずは中心部で駅のあるBrockenhurstから、その西8キロの位置にあるBurleyという村まで歩きました。出発地点の村のtourist officeで仕入れた情報によると、昔の線路の跡を歩けるとのことで、私たちはstand by meの映画を想像しながら、南下しました。ところが、線路の面影はなく、すっかりサイクリング用に整備されてしまった小道でした。

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