a lovely new shop on columbia road

On the way to Maltby street I found a new shop on Columbia road: Choosing keeping. It is a very beautiful stationery shop. Julia the owner choose these lovely and quality products from all around the world. (And a lot from Japan too!) Notebooks, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners (and leather pencil sharpner case!), books and clips... She is very knowledgeable about the stationery and could tell so much about their history. If you like to work with beautiful products, this is the place to go to find one. 
This shop also reminded me of my school memory. I loved imported stationery as they looked pretty to me. I used to use thick 'mead' notebook which was divided into 4 or 5 sections with indexes and not in A4 or B4. (In Japan B4 is very common size for school notebook.) Sometimes the teachers collected our notebooks to see if we'd done homework and that's when I had a problem. I couldn't use that notebook for other subjects. 
Once I wanted to have only blues in my pen case. As a student you would have to have a red pen to mark texts etc but I didn't like to have one. I was in dilemma... What I did to solve the problem was to paint blue on the outside of red ink tube. None of my friends could tell that was red not blue. I don't know why I was so obsessed then. That was my blue period...
Now we have so much well-designed stationery in Japan and I wish I was a student now!

今日はMaltby streetに行く途中で、Columbia roadに新しいお店を見つけて、立ち寄ってみました。Choosing keepingというお店で、ステーショナリーばかりを扱っています。きれいなお店の中にいろいろな国から集めた文房具たちが並んでいて、見ていて楽しいです。オーナーのJuliaはそれらについての知識も豊かで、歴史のことメーカーのこといろいろ話してくれました。

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