akahada yaki

The other day I made another visit to another pottery: Akahada yaki in Nara.
Nara had a royal palace which was also the governing centre about 13 centenaries ago (before Kyoto) and has lots of heritage in the area. The site where there used to be the palace is still under investigation. 
Again I was a pottery tourist and didn't see any of those historic places this time. (It's OK for me as I have been there for several times!) Nara is also famous for deers in Nara park. They know Japanese greeting technique to get shika senbei (rice cracker for deers).
Akahada pottery is distinctive with their Nara-e drawing on milky white glaze. They make sencha teaware, kodo-ware, vase, object and tableware. It is said that they had been producing pottery even since the 4th century in the area but not so sure yet. Anyway at least they know the daimyo (lord) of the area commanded to start it in the 16th century. They called in potters from Seto, Tokoname to produce a precious souvenir among the wealth. There are 6 kilns working in the area and the one I visited was Ooshio family at its 8th and 9th generation. At the moment they also make cups, wine glasses to fit in our modern life too.
The little boxes in the picture are the container to keep and show incense in tea ceremony. So sweet...!

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