food in shikoku

The last few days of the journey I spent in Kochi (in the southern Shikoku). The main reason I was there was to see Sunday market in front of their castle. I found some food I hardly see on the main island. The above is sushi in the local style. We don't do some of those around my hometown. 
Shikoku and Kyusyu are in the southern part of our country and has milder climate with a lot of sun. So they're better at producing some kind of fruits and vegetables. Surrounded by the sea they make good fish products too.
(In the second pictures) Tomato in Kochi is super tasty! Especially 'fruit tomato' is so rich in sugar and flavour. Buntan (citrus in front of the tomatoes) is their specialty. They had Manjiro squash, Takenoko imo (a kind of taro), and flavoured manju (mochi around anko) that I've never seen. I wish I could take them home all!
And Kagawa (in the norhtern Shikoku, nearer to Okayama) is famous for Udon noodle. Their noodle is thicker and al dente. As it is a part of their life (like rice for us) there are SO many noodle restaurant (some are more like a stand). Most of them have 'self-serving' style. You just tell them if you want the noodle hot or cold (and how many), then you pick up which tempura you like and all the additional spices: ginger, spring onion, shichimi. One bowl can be 130 yen (less than a pound now?) to 300 yen in the stands, and if you want to have it with a good service it costs more. But however cheap or costy they are all in a high standard. 


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