and more potters, more pots

Nakasen gama in Arita. There are some galleries also on the other side of the station. I popped in one and a man kindly showed me their studios too! They do another kind of pottery: pots as art in Japan. This picture is too bad to show what they are but he (they are three artists making their own work) throws on the wheel and makes linear marks with a cutter on the surface. And he put coloured slip in the thin grooves and makes geometric patterns. Next to them there are a few pots by his son who throws basic shape and manipulates it. In the other studio on the premise the other artist makes print with paper. He creates amazing patterns by layering prints. All the process they use needs to be carefully planned and done and is very time-consuming. 
Please check the links and how skilled they are. They are just a few of many superb artists Arita brought up in its history.
Matsubara kobo in Hasami. They are a unit of two girls who have heavily trained skills and make cute tableware in porcelain. Their shop has got really lovely atmosphere like their cups and bowls. They are a bit away from anywhere else but will have a new shop-studio in town soon.
Fumio Matsutani in Tobe. I caught him when he was having a meeting with his friend potters. I was so confused about where to visit as there are so many potteries in the area. And he kindly offered to show me around. He's got his own studio in the family business. These are porcelain vase thrown and manipulated. But apparently he uses stoneware more. They were very beautiful and would be so after firings...!



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