hasami yaki

Hasami is a porcelain production place in Nagasaki. They have a heavily-design-led company Hakusan and some large-scale factories in town and small-scale factories in Nakao mountain.
Apart from these large factories they specialise either in making bisques or in finishing (decorating and glazing). The reason behind this is in their history. The porcelain production was a huge industory of the area long ago (since about 4 centenaries ago) and the monarch at that time controlled its production by subdividing the processes. This way, nobody could make finish products as they wouldn't know anything but their speciality, but also their production was much efficient. And for that they needed a huge kiln not only one but two! They had the world biggest two kilns (one was 160m long which is 0.1 mile!) in the town.
The people in Nakao mountain was so welcoming and pointed me to must-sees and showed me around in their factories as well as far located studio! In one factory a German girl showed me a painting studio where 6-7 painters working in two rooms with towers of bisquewares in the middle. Each painter specialises in different quality of lines/painting. In another factory they showed me curving and glazing area. They have a bisque factory next door and get greenware (a raw state before bisque firing) and curve it. 
As Hasami has been mass-supplying affordable tablewares in Japan, they are very aware of the market. Although now with cheap-labour crazy factories in China it's so hard to beat the price. 
'Kurawanka-wan' (Why-not-eat? bowl) that they were famous for has such freedom and randomness  in the drawing. It is so fun to look at, comparing to uniform printed designs. I hope the time when their brushstrokes are needed comes back again very soon!
In town a closed porcelain factory was transformed into a complex of a gallery, shops, a restaurant and a cafe. They've done good job. It's got nice feel.


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