koishiwara yaki

After Onta we headed to Koishiwara which is just in the neighbouring mountain. Actually this is the original place the Korean style started before Onta. So they call each other 'brother kiln'. Although Koishiwara now has a bit of variety in the style and techniques and all the potter doesn't have the discipline like Onta's. 
We went to a gallery shop showing some local potter's work and the one opposite to food market (after checking local food, of course!). Some uses black glaze, some uses wax-resist technique, some uses really strong blue glaze (it's not my kind but it was very beautiful though). And it is only one family now who is still making real Koishiwara style: throwing and then soft turning tool, brush patting, comb mark, finger mark (the same as Onta) and pon gaki which you draw lines with bamboo syringe. Also what's different is that they don't pile up the plates in glaze firing. So the surface is completely glazed whereas Onta potters get rid of glaze where the foot ring comes when stacking plates in the firing. If you prefer this you better come to Koishiwara.


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