unbelievable weather in london and white choc bite

It's been so so cold in the UK. We had snow in London last week and the cold weather has been staying now for 2 weeks and more. Meanwhile it's got a lot warmer in Japan and they're having sakura blossom season a week earlier than usual... 
Oh well..., at least I've got a handsome blue bird bringing joy into my place. Lovely work by a Japanese ceramicist Taichi Abe.

At home I'm tying to perfect a matcha bownie. As green tea powder is running out before I get the texture right, I tried it with rum and raison instead. It was failure as brownie but I've got a lovely cake!
Please try: 150 unsalted butter, 200g white chocolate, 2 large eggs, 2 heap spoons of raisin and rum enough to soak, 80g plain flour.
Soak raisin in rum until raisin get softer. Melt butter and chocolate in separate bowls. Add tiny bit of salt into butter and stir until it gets whiter, then add melted chocolate into it. Whisk eggs in another bowl and pour it into the mix then stir sieved flour and rum& raisin into it. 
Pour the mix into brownie tray and bake it at 170 degree for 40 mins.

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