it looks like getting warmer here. 
Good. We had enough of cold and miserable weather. The smile on the market stall holders' faces makes me really happy. The town looks much nicer when sunnier. I hope the farmers are happier now too. I'm looking forward to get some lovely rhubarb this weekend if they have some.

The other day I made quinoa salad for the first time since I came back. I felt like missing one ingredient but couldn't remember what... This is what happens when you take a long holiday. It has been the same in the studio too. I don't remember which glaze I use (I have 20 buckets/bottles of glazes, though), where I put certain things and, what is worse, I couldn't recall my neighbour's name when I saw her..! I feel like I'm using different parts of brain when I am in Japan and am here. Certain memory completely disappears even though that's what you know really well. Or maybe just aging matter! ...sigh.
Hope you're having a lovely week.



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