festival des métiers

Another thing I went out to see was the exhibition of craftwork at Hermès. It is always encouraging to see artisan doing great work. The show was being held in two rooms on the first floor of Saatchi gallery. They were showing hand craft in the production of scarf, knit, bag, watch, jewels, tie and china painting. You would understand their price maybe if you've seen their work at a high standard but what I loved most was their love towards the tools also in a very high standard.
(Picture above) A part of some scarves is textured by chopping yarn in the top layer. 
Apparently it takes between a few days to a week to finish this process of one depending on the design. All the processes before this in scarf production is also labour-intensive.
Do you see the tailored crocodile leather handles on these tools..? And the bit at the end of the scale? So beautiful. 
Another very beautiful thing, a crocodile cover.
We in Japan also use bamboo mats to keep brushes in order but without the pockets like this. This is really sweet. These things really make me feel like organising my studio space better. It will definitely change the mood in making!
Very intricate work in watch making. You can't even see small parts in the picture. 
The artisans showed and explained us their great skill, and answered our questions openly. I loved it because I could see their passion and pride in their skill of making. Isn't it obvious that craft is definitely vital to their creativity? (Please click this to see what the UK government thinks of it?)


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