clerkenwell design week

This week I went down to check what's happening in Clerkenwell Design week. It is a great opportunity to visit the showrooms in the area to check their products and also to catch up with the new design movements. Although, I'm not so knowledgeable of furniture: its ergonomics, materials and production process. So these are favourites entirely picked by my taste!
I loved this fabric designed by Virginia White for A.T Cronin Workshop for its naive drawing with beautiful colours.  
I loved the idea of this lamp: the way the natural material is used and the pattern and the shadow it creates... It was very different from his other products that are very controlled in the shape. I wonder if this is a new direction or just an experimental? I'm looking forward to see future work by James Smith.
It is really hard for any designs to beat such lovely creature. In the middle of the shows I found lamb, one wearing jumper. So sweet. Without their quality wool some well-designed furniture cannot be realised. 
Another favourite is handwoven grass baskets from Swaziland. Its one example of upcycling using fabric waste from the local manufactures. The design and the colours are quite striking for me but I love the idea. 
Any exposure is great! Thank you so much Homes and Gardens!


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