weird new experience in the new year

So the new year has started. Do you have your new year's resolutions? It's funny that if I google 'new year resolution', one of the most common words that comes next is 'idea' and some websites are offering what you should be wishing to achieve. Maybe those who hasn't got willpower strong enough to refuse them might have to be wishing something they even didn't think of? I had my own one that was trying not to eat sweets much, which was already broken when Christmas sweets are on offer in supermarkets! I'll have to rethink of it already.

What I did new in this year was dubbing for a film. It is a documentary about a particular subject in Japan and they interviewed some people. And they've lost a part of voice of a woman because of noisy background and another reason. And I had to speak lip sync with the woman whose lifestyle I wouldn't like and don't understand. (I've watched the rough cut of the film before.) 
When I heard my voice as her after the recording I felt really weird. I felt as if she is me and that idea really disgusted me. Although I enjoyed this new experience it reminded me of another nasty experience some years ago as well. I'm hoping to digest this weird experience this year! 

ちなみに写真は、冬になるとハイドパークに現れる大型移動遊園地、winter wonderlandで撮りました。

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