sakura mochi project

This weekend I spent some time trying to identify the three sakura trees.
Using Natural History Museum's website and some Japanese ones I think I know the two. The sakura in the last post is Fugenzo in Japanese, its botanical name is Cerasus x Iannesianna Carriere, 1872 'Alborosea'.
Another one is Kanzan or Sekiyama, Prunus Iannesiana Wils. cv. Sekiyama. (the picture below.)
The leaves of these sakuras are thicker than the other one, which is not so great to make sakura mochi.
The third one is still remaining mysterious to me and I'm working on it. Actually it's very similar to the kind that we use for the salted leaves in Japan, but the shape of its leaves doesn't match with the description of the kind. However, the leaves I picked the other day are nicely thin and are producing really really lovely smell. I'm hoping this one works well in my project!
The tree looks like this. If you know this species, please let me know!


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