beautiful sakura... to eat

Sakura season has finished in Japan. It's the most beautiful season that all the tree comes into bloom and all the flowers go at once. I wonder what it was like this year as they had a storm in the middle of the season.
I've been also enjoying the sakura blossoms in London but that's not the only reason I've been staring at them. It's for this project: making salted sakura leaves. It's been in my head for 2 years since then: my post about sakura mochi.
I found there are 3 majour variations in London, although I don't know their botanical names nor common names. I will try all of them this time and see if there's any difference. 
The process is: washing and pickling (?) in salt water. The leaves produced beautiful scent when I poured hot water on them. It's the smell of spring!

葉っぱを摘んでいる段階では心配だったけれども、お湯にくぐらした瞬間にあの独特の香りがたちのぼって、心躍ってしまった。桜餅made in London、どうなる!?

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