mishima style

Now it's 10 days to go before Ceramics in The City. I'm just doing the last firings...
The new series I've been making for the upcoming shows (also for Made London) is called Mishima style (Mishima-de) in Japan. The technique applied is called inlaying here. We use different clay from the body clay (that we make pots with) in another colour to fill the incised marks. The style originally came from Korea of Koryo period, Buncheong pottery, to Japan.
We named it Mishima-de as its fine patterns looked like Mishima calender: one of our old ones. (the link is in Japanese, but it's got a picture of the calender.) It often implies floral and animal motifs.
This time I wanted to make it a bit more British with something that we see in a big group here... Would you like to know what it is? Please come to Ceramics in the City at Geffrye museum!
The pictures are showing two stages of the making process: after incising with patterns and when getting rid of excess clay after inlaying.


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